Professionals and Rental Details


We are excited to offer the opportunity to other professionals to be a part of Chiltern Wellness Therapies. We have 5 rooms available for rent, including 2 very large rooms that are perfectly suited to complementary therapies such as Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Massage, Reflexology and Physiotherapy to name but a few.

Each treatment room is a large size with lots of natural light and has:

  • A sink
  • Good lighting (set on a circuit so that some lights can be switched off so it is not as bright)
  • Lamps for softer, more relaxing lighting
  • Treatment table available (or you are able to bring your own if you prefer)
  • Storage – so that you can leave some items safely in the room between visits
  • A desk and chairs for pre or post treatment consultations
  • Privacy blinds at all of the windows

For talking therapies or other types of consultations, we have 3 beautifully furnished offices with 3 comfortable armchairs in each (and additional seats available if required).

Chiltern Wellness Therapies

In the centre we offer:

  • The opportunity to appear on our website as a part of the centre. We have found that people often prefer to feel that they are visiting a professional within a recognised centre rather than in the therapists own home.
  • 2 sitting areas that you are free to use if you leave your clients to rest or prepare during treatments
  • A beautiful fully manned reception area for your clients to be welcomed and seated whilst they wait for their appointment
  • We have fitted robust extra soundproofing in the walls to ensure privacy and peace during your sessions
  • 14 space private car park
  • Access to the building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can offer sessions to your clients without any restrictions from us.

Our Psychotherapy and wellness practice, The Caesura Centre has been operating since 2011 and our move to Chinnor gives us the exciting opportunity to offer rooms to other professionals in the area so that we can provide a reputable centre offering a number of wellness therapies under one roof.

Please contact us on 01844 318535 or to enquire or to arrange a viewing.